2nd Mirrix Loom Piece Done

HI all! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know I finished my 2nd Mirrix piece yesterday.  At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted an edging or not, but it was screaming unfinished until I did one LOL I decided on my rope edging in 15’s which seemed to work, for me anyway  😉 I will have to try to find someone to model this piece for me. Maybe one of these days my beautiful niece will grace me with a visit–she has the perfect neck and prettiness!

My next Mirrix project will be for my daughter, Bianca, for her horse’s bridal on his brow band. This piece of looming will be adhered to leather or fabric, not sure quite yet, so this will be a bit of a different project. I am going to be video taping the whole thing on one full video, as I will also be gifting that to Bianca as well. She is 10 and I think as she ages, she will enjoy that process a lot! This was the day she got ‘Street Fox Discovery’, it was her 10th birthday (March 23)

This Saturday, I will be in Augusta, ME at Beads on the Kennebec teaching.

Memorial weekend, I will be next door vending at my neighbors Antique Shop, GIFT HORSE. I will be set up for 3 days there from 8AM on. I have been working up the graphic for the newspaper ads that will go in next week. I will show you when I am done it.

Have a wonderful day!


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