Bianca’s Brow Band

I started Bianca’s Brow Band the other day. It doesn’t look like much right now, but it is going to be fabulous I think.  I drew the shape of the piece on 2 pieces of paper taped together and then she drew the design out with my help and picked out a pile and a half of colors. You will see all of this on the video when I post it, which will be all inclusive at the end of the piece.  Here are pics of what I have so far.

and here is half of the pattern I am using

There will be a large purple mountain jade cabochon in the middle with Swarovski crystals around the edge. I have yet to figure out how I am going to make this so it can come off. I have a few ideas, but shall see when I get there  😉

Next weekend, I will be set up with my canopy and wares at my neighbor’s, ‘Gift Horse Antiques’. Here is the newspaper ad that will run in The Shopping Guide and Smart Shoppers newspapers:

I wish I have added my website and a few other things on there, but I will for next time LOL Stupid hindsight LOL

I will NOT be at the Biddeford Art Walk this month. They are having a ‘Mellow May’ and have decided to have just the studios that pay to be there open for this Friday. Next month though, it is going to be awesome and outdoors in the park near the gazebo in Biddeford! That will be lots of fun!

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day and Dave and I did a lot of work around outside. He also worked on the car and flushed the radiator and all that fun stuff. Our yard is looking so nice, slow but sure. We had to go get a radiator cap, so swung into Home Depot and he saw a ‘Butterfly Bush called ‘Black Knight’ and had to have it.

Then I saw this online:

and we may have to get that one too LOL Planting is so much fun and so awesome after they have acclimated!! Wish I had a larger yard!!

Have a wonderful day and I shall post again real real soon!


One thought on “Bianca’s Brow Band

  1. Love the pieces I am seeing! I have ton of projects for my loom if I can ever get to them. ( I maintain gardens for others, so spring is busy here).

    Have fun with the browband piece. I have made a few for my “girls”. I am now working on making a few for the barn owner as well for her up coming show season.

    I can’t wait to see your new pieces.
    -Holly Z.

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