Crazy Beach

Here it is, a day or so late, oopsies. This is my ‘Summer’ piece for Art Beads. I think it turned out pretty nice. I am going to take it to an actual beach later to take more photos, so stay tuned for editing on this blog entry.

I was very excited to do this one because I knew I had a lot of seashells in my stash that I could incorporate.  The center piece is Copper Starfish Slider Pendant, I thought this was super funky cool and I never use anything like this, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace for me, and of course, I adore copper. Then of course, I needed those fantastic TOHO™ Bead Round Hybrid 11/0 Metallic Copper Penny. They are just gorgeous and shiny and super coppery, as they should be!  I then thought I should use more copper and got these scrumptious TOHO™ Bead Round Hybrid 11/0 Matte Galvanized Copper.

Now I am one who likes to use many different sized beads in one project. I think the different sizes add depth and texture. What goes better with copper than greens and patina colors? TOHO™ Bead Round Hybrid 8/0 Opalescent Green Picasso were used in the core of the spiral. They are a very beautifully finished bead!

The coral fringe is made with my own seed bead mix, now officially called ‘seaweed’. In the mix I used TOHO™ Bead 3-Cut 12/0 Taupe-Lined Crystal, a smidgen of these  TOHO™ Bead Round 11/0 Gilded Opaque Turquoise Marbled and  a bunch of other seed beads I had on hand, in shades of olive and emerald.

So this piece is off to the real beach later for some great photos, come back and see 😉

Disclosure: I am a blogger for ‘Blogging For Beaders’ for Artbeads. I have received the following products free of charge for my personal review. I have not been paid for this endorsement to the linked materials, as listed above.

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