Bird In The Hand et al

Hi all my friends! I have indeed been very very busy and have proof for you! LOL I have had these ‘cabs’ for a little while now and I had one sitting on my table and it was driving me crazy, so I dropped everything to do it and finished it a few days ago. I was looking for pure whimsy, as the cab told me that is what it wanted and I was looking for unusual color combos. I do have to say, the pics aren’t as cute as the piece itself.  I named it ‘Bird In The Hand’.

and I know a bead fringe is weird on the bottom, it hangs straight like the others, I just set it down wrong and didn’t notice until after…of course LOL It looks like a kick stand haha

On the Mirrix front, I just today finished up the last of the ‘One-A-Day series..yay! I am going to be putting them on leather with a snap closure, the yucky part is is that I have to order the ‘tool’ to pound the snaps on….I already have the darn snaps LOL I will be ordering it tomorrow, so hopefully will have it by Monday and can take video of how I am finishing them.

I have a Poll I would like you to answer for me, if you would please.

Don’t forget, you can now find my work here:

and here:

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Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


4 thoughts on “Bird In The Hand et al

  1. Hi Christina
    I have been admiring this bracelet on facebook. The colors really grab you eye! Its a great piece. Love your loomed bracelets too. I am not surprised that everyone is voting for the guitar strap. I think you should make it something heavy metal and gift to the kid!!

    Have a great 4th.
    xx, Carol

  2. I saw your work on Etsy and had to stop by to see the blog. I was happy to see larger pics of your work here, and it seems you area workaholic…a prosperous one , I hope.

    • Thanks so much! I do tend to be a bead-aholic LOL Working on the prosperity 😉 On Etsy, I do use full size pics, just click to zoom in and they will take over your monitor LOL

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