Mirrix Loom Bracelets Completed

Finally, I have finished ALL 7 bracelets! Summer has been interfering like crazy! Probably a good thing it is so short here in Maine LOL  The following pic is of all 7 bracelets done and on leather with snap closures. I am hoping to get the individual bracelets posted for sale on my website tomorrow, for certain the following day (not sure if I am going to be home tomorrow). In any case, here they are, hope you like them!

I am leaning on a belt next instead of the votes for a guitar strap, but intend to do a guitar strap anyway, just not yet. My Son is supposed to pick me up a leather ‘blank’ and he is on vacation this week (he is manager of Daddy’s Junky Music, so he can get one for me cheap), but I have to be working on something, so belt next.  I also have to finish my Daughter’s Brow Band, she has been away to a 2 week summer camp and I need the actual piece to make the right fit, so hopefully I will get that real soon!  Have a terrific night everyone!

EDIT! I neglected to add–I am having a Christmas in July 50%  off all jewelry (except Manja [because it is in Germany being published]) in my shop!!


3 thoughts on “Mirrix Loom Bracelets Completed

  1. hello there! id just like to say how winderful i think your bracelets are! ive stumbled across them while doing some research on how to make the clasps neat for my bracelets, and i must say your way of putting the bead work on an existing band is just genious! im a novis of a loom beader and i’m trying to find a neat way of finishing it off, with style and ease!!!?? but u win hands down! good luck with the belt and guitar projects! i look forward to seeing them! kind regards, Dulcie (in the UK) x

  2. like she said!!! I have been looking for clasp ideas for my loom bracelets (a novice at loom beading as well) These look bead-u-tiful. Keep up the wonderful work!

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