Custom Order

I just finished, yesterday, my custom order! YAY! Glad to have that all done, the little black cloud is gone LOL The requests are from a previous customer and she had bought a book and just didn’t have time to do the pieces. So she sent me the book and supplies and I did the beading 😉 Here are the finished pieces from this book:

It was a lot of fun to stitch these pieces. I made a few subtle changes. On the first piece, I attached the dangle in the center of each motif to the center of the bottom. The dangles are so light weight, I could only visualize them going off in weird directions when wearing, so they are secured to the bottom with a ladder stitch, simple and didn’t change the end result at all. The bottom piece, I added a bead to both sides when I attached the motifs and the crystal flower dangles. Again, it called for a ladder stitch, but I didn’t want all that thread showing, so by adding a bead on each side, I think that avoided that nicely. Those are the only alterations I made, according to the book. The pendant on the top piece was a customer request.  Love them, hope she does too ( I do know she loves the first one, waiting about #2).

Mirrix Loom–I am officially all done my contract with Mirrix. This will not stop me from working on my loom or posting on the Inside Mirrix blog or adding things to my ‘Fun With Mirrix‘ pages. I still have a brow band to finish for my daughter’s horse and I am warping the loom with the heddles/shedder tonight (on video) for Dave’s belt he designed. The belt buckle is even on its way and he bought the beads this past weekend. I do have a lot of other work to do that has been beckoning to me. I am trying to make enough work to have a table for the month of December. I have all my work currently in Galleries, so I need all new stock! That is a tall order, but definitely willing to try!

Don’t forget, I am having my Christmas in July Sale. 50% OFF all jewelry!

I am also going to get to work soon on some new designs and patterns! I am way way behind on that! So stay tuned! Have a terrific day! I am off to work, I have a lot to do!!


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