Bluebird of Happiness

I finished this piece yesterday and have since gotten 2 more pieces started!! I am loving my new pieces with my ‘special cabs’ ! I have been asked several times as to what I am using for the new cabs and I am feeling awkward about saying that I will not reveal my secret. Like Dayna Miles said on my Facebook yesterday “And I wouldn’t give up my source either, it’s just too hard to be original nowadays.” Amen beady sister!! LOL  So here is my new piece:

It’s funny, I wasn’t sure at all about the awesome orange crystals I used on the bottom. I had bought them a long time ago cause they were so unique and wondered if I would ever use them. I have found that when you buy really unusual items like that, eventually you get to use them on the perfect piece, they kind of just wait around then suddenly speak to you in a voice of their own LOL

For sale HERE

I had named this ‘Little Robin Red Breast, but my Mom informed me it was a bluebird, so I quickly had to change it, but too late on Facebook, wish they had better editing options! Back to work, hope everyone has a marvy weekend!


One thought on “Bluebird of Happiness

  1. I wouldn’t give away your source for your cabs either. It is hard to find original products and once others know it’s all over! Good for you for keeping that secret!

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