New Work..yay!

HI everyone, I have 3 new pieces to share with you. I managed to make all of these while redoing our bathroom, just painting and a few other important things, not a total reno…yet.

This piece is done with a cab I made up myself. I like it and have others ready to go as well.

This piece was actually for an order for a customer. She bought my ‘Garnet’ piece and then I couldn’t find it. I was grateful to have made some kits for the piece, so I started to whip up a new one…then I found the original. I decided I would put straight fringe on here instead of the coraling fringe that was on the original.

This next one is a Sandra Halpenny design. I did mine in 15’s and it took almost a full (tall) tube to complete..and honestly, I thought I would never finish this one LOL It was all worth it though..super pretty!

I am on a mission over the next few days to make as many small things as I can to take to the Beggar’s Ride Gallery this weekend. I have a few things I haven’t photographed yet and have to do that and make a bunch off I go..hope your day is terrific!


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