Post R & R

Got back last Saturday from THE most awesome vacation ever! I actually have nothing much to compare it to. I have never had a honeymoon, with 2 previous marriages and the 1st marriage ‘vacation’ was a lousy trip to Toronto, 4 days of fun! The 2nd marriage ‘vacation’ amounted to a few days at Daytona Beach Bike Week. So this was by far THE best LOL 2 FULL weeks of heaven with the best guy in the world! We drove to Oklahoma (Tulsa area) and visited his family, then a week of HEAVEN in the glorious mountains of Colorado, Denver area.


After taking some 1300+ photos, I decided to make a blog with trip pics. I have many to edit, so they will be added slowly! You can see them here:

Dave was living in Colorado when I met him, so he has a very big fondness for that area and ironically, when I met him I was dreaming of that area as well, but more like Montana and Wyoming. We have basically decided that now is the right time to move out there. We had actually planned to next year anyway, just going to speed it up a little bit.  So, we are now hoarding every penny. I decided I would keep my BOGO pattern sale going to assist our move. Now is a good time to get patterns and make them just in time for Art/Craft shows or for Christmas presents  😉 13 pages of peyote cuff patterns!!

The day I arrived back from our vacation I received the copy of Perlen Posie that I was published in! That just made my day! You can find the directions for MANJA in there!

I am so honored and excited about this!!!

This is my ad in the magazine..

I have some new work finished but I still need to take pics, so look for a new post soon .


2 thoughts on “Post R & R

  1. Rob isn’ t moving, as it turns out LOL I have always thought I belonged out there myself…it just feels right 😉 Born and raised right here, but never felt like I belonged. I felt right at home on our vaca! That’s gotta mean something! I was thinking about you as we passed through Indianapolis last week! Wished I had a way to contact you at that moment to meet us 😉

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