Colorado Choker

In the spirit of my move to Colorado, I named this piece in honor of the place where I cannot wait to go! To see details and more photos, go to my website:

I have been very busy packing and beading. It has become a tad difficult to focus though! LOL

I have had several new Haute Couture entries to my contest! You have until November 19th to enter, so still plenty of time, even if you just start now. Here is the latest entry from Cindy of Jewelry Tales!

To read more about her piece and see all the other entries, go to my website:

I also have a pin/brooch all done, I just need to get a photo of it and several pieces in progress. I feel like I am unable to keep up with my Gallery sales lately. Our vacation and the upcoming move are going to slow me down a bit, but I will try not to feel overwhelmed and intend to keep plugging along as best as I can!

Hope everyone is having a marvelous weekend! I am going to go visit my Mom today after over a year of not seeing her! She lives in Europe, so that makes it a bit difficult  😉


3 thoughts on “Colorado Choker

  1. Oh my dog! You really are moving to CO? That is where 2 of our dalmatians came from – Ward, CO, north of Denver at 8,000+ feet. Do you have any place to live lined up?
    Sounds like your gallery sales are doing well! That is great!

  2. HI Lauren! Long time no talk!! Yes, we are indeed moving and I know exactly where Ward is LOL We do not have any place to live lined up at all, winging it..know anyone? LOL Great to hear from you! Was thinking of you the other day!

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