I finished this cuff quite a few days ago now, most of you have probably already seen it on Facebook, deviantArt or ArtFire. 😉 I didn’t intend to have it look like this whatsoever, but I am super happy with how it came out!

I have it listed for sale only on my ArtFire account at the moment.

Speaking of ArtFire, lots and lots going on with that! I posted on Facebook the other day about possibly starting a seed bead group. Well, that turned out to be a very cool thing! I have been made ‘Guild Master’ to an existing group, ArtFire Beadweaver’s Guild. Linda Erbland, of Erbland Elegance, is assisting me!! I have started a Facebook Fan Page and a blog for it as well. We have had many new sign ups in there and I have to do some more work on the blog after I post this. Feel free to ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ us!!

Ironically, and literally at the same moment, when I started doing that, I was invited to be in Bead Mavens, a small group started by Mikki Ferrugiaro and Linda Jones. There is a Fanpage and blog for this group too!

I received my ArtBeads order the other day and have that as a WIP and I have a cuff going on my table, which I am loving! and yes, I have been packing too! My Mom is leaving to go back to Europe in 2 days, my Dad is going back to Florida in a week or so and my youngest son, Brendon, and I have birthdays within the next few days (2 days apart). Crazy week!!! I do LOVE October though, my most fave month of the year! Have a wonderful day all!


4 thoughts on “Amaranth

  1. You already know how much I love this bracelet! 🙂 (ElderArc from DA)

    Can I join your guild? I just opened an AF account Oct. 1 (like many others).

    I’ll visit your guild and see if there are requirements. I didn’t join the Etsy bead team because someone said I wasn’t ‘established’ enough (meaning I didn’t have enough sales and clout to be considered) but I do show locally in a juried art gallery so that should count for something. 🙂

    Congrats on your promotion!!!


  2. Woops! Sorry I just read the ‘30% bead woven’ rule and most of my beadwoven items are at the gallery and thus not listed in my shop. They pretty much go straight there because they’re most popular of my items.

    It’s ok, I’ll admire you all from afar. ❤

    Your DA bud always,


  3. Val..not sure how your Gallery works or how formal or informal it is, but I have much of my work in a Gallery too. My Gallery owners know I list online. If I sell something, I drop them an email and go pick it up to send to my customer. I refuse to keep one venue only open. Most of my sales are through the Galleries, but you never know when one will come from another direction. Sorry to lose you, if you ever change your mind, send in the request to join 😉

  4. Hi! I can and have sold things online that were at the gallery but they don’t really like it and they require me to bring a replacement piece if I remove one. 🙂

    To be completely honest, after seeing all of your guild’s elaborate, beautiful items, I’m afraid mine aren’t as fine. I tend to make simple, small beadwoven things. I’m an instant gratification kind of girl. I only have a few large pieces. I’m so in awe of your work and the work of your members! If I ever decide to do grandiose pieces I’ll look you up. 🙂 I know where to find you. ❤ Thank you so much!

    I currently have 8 of 40 items in my shop as bead woven and that's not 30%. 🙂 They are also small pendants and earrings and bracelets and not the beautiful collars I saw on your blog. I'm intimidated! 🙂

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