Rags to Riches

This cuff was originally intended to go on a blank copper cuff I have several of. As I beaded it, it took on a mind of its own and ended up a tad to narrow to put on the form. Where I had never done a self closure on a bead embroidered cuff, I decided this was the one to do that with. The cabochon is ‘Seraphinite’. I have developed a huge love for this stone!

I still have to add this cuff and ‘Amaranth’ to my website, I think I shall bounce over there and get that done. So check under ‘Wristware’ if you are interested. You may have to refresh your page.

I made my first Collection on ArtFire the other day..so fun! Need to make more, but not sure when I will have time or be able to take a moment to do that .

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! I am off to start an ‘Autumn’ challenge piece for the Bead Mavens!!


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