Colorado or Bust

Hi everyone, so sorry I haven’t updated lately! I actually have a piece to post on here, but we are in the middle of moving, well not the middle anymore, we should be heading out today….a day early. We have diligently been packing for the last month and saving money like crazy and selling things we never used on this house.  I have been beading equally until the last week or so.

We are very excited to see that our dream is coming true and even went and got the moving truck 2 days early….seemed to make more sense LOL I can’t believe this is actually coming true. With this move come s a bit of heartache, it is difficult to leave everything you know behind. The future looks much brighter with our plan than it does where we are, so off we go.

I just wanted to update everyone to let you know why I haven’t been posting as frequently. Be back soon!!


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5 thoughts on “Colorado or Bust

    • Hi Susan! Yeah we do need to catch up!! Quite sadly, no the girls aren’t coming. Sonja will be 18 in April, so that one is obvious, but my Bianca will have to stay behind 😦 I was never able to get them back *wipes tear*

  1. Wishing you lots of good luck for a smooth transition. I am a pro at relocation and the most important thing is to be flexible. Welcome to the next chapter of your life. I am very excited for you, you deserve it!

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