Alas, I am back and with my latest ArtBeads ‘Blogging For Beaders’ piece. I wanted to do something a bit more ‘simple’ this time and I have been dying to work with the ‘red magma’ Swarovski color, so I went with simple silver lined gold and red magma which in turn made me think this might be a very nice holiday piece! I didn’t quite intend for it to become a ‘Trillium’, but that is how it decided it was going to be! I am happy with the results.

I bezeled all 3 ‘30MM Red Magma Fancy Pear Crystals‘ and then painstakingly joined them all together. This was a bit tricky to do and I went through a few needles in my attempt. I then used one of the 4 Swarovski 5040 12MM Briolette Bead to use as a center with a few beaded ‘stamen’ coming out of the middle and joined it at the same time as the small leaves that alternate with the Fancy Pears.

I thought to keep this simple I would make a spiral rope. I had gotten Toho Silver-Lined Medium Gold beads in 15’s and 11’s and used some crimson colored Miyuki Delicas for a small splash of color up the rope. Then I joined the ropes to the corners of the ‘Trillium’ using 2 more Swarovski Briolette Beads. Using the final Briolette Bead, I added it to the end of the rope and then made a small loop on the other end to close it.

Disclosure: I am a blogger for ‘Blogging For Beaders’ for Artbeads. I have received the following products free of charge for my personal review. I have not been paid for this endorsement to the linked materials, as listed above.

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