Christmas Custom Orders

Hope everyone had a very nice Christmas holiday! Things were a tad quiet for us this year, maybe next year I can fly everyone here with us ..that would be so very exciting! I finished a few custom orders a week ago and then had about 3 false starts…not for lack of inspiration, but indecision LOL I did start a new piece with a horse cabochon for my daughter, so that is in mid stream.  The following 2 photos are the custom orders. The choker with the cab laying on it was for my Sister. The cab did not make it onto the piece, but did inspire me for exactly what the cab will go on. The cab is by Linda Roberts (aka Beads Forever)…sooo pretty! I can’t wait to work it up!

I have been feeling a bit quiet lately. My apologies. I have been working on a gorgeous crocheted scarf for the last couple of days, about 3/4 done. I felt like I needed a moment of change. I come from a long list of needlework and have been really itching to do something outside of beading for a moment.  I will share when I am done. I have soo many beady ideas and things to don’t think for a moment I am not going to bead anymore….wrong!  😉

Have a very safe and Happy New Year and hope it is very prosperous too!


One thought on “Christmas Custom Orders

  1. Hi Chris
    I have been quiet also.
    I am so glad that things are going well for you in your new home. You got outta town just in time!! Gotta be better weather where you are ~lol~
    Take care, Chris and have a wonderful new year.
    xx, Carol

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