Bianca’s Brow Band

Evidently, I have never posted anything about this piece I did back in August. I did have ‘work in progress’ photos posted on my website though, you can see those HERE. I did the piece on my Mirrix Loom as part of my contract with them. I even have a video I made as I went, but it is not all together yet.

My daughter, Bianca, and I designed the piece together. She picked out the colors herself and I gave her ideas and she picked what she thought would be cool. I asked her if she wanted a cabochon in the center, then went on to explain a cabochon LOL I happened to have her favorite color, purple, in a 30×40 size out of mountain jade, so she was thrilled. We drew a template of the band, since I was not allowed to have it on hand because they needed it for her horse.

‘Street Fox Discovery’ is a 22 year old retired show horse and there is actually an album I found online of his earlier days, HERE. He is a 1988 American Saddlebred Gelding.

Since I was unable to have the horse or brow band in hand, I had to kind of just work with what I knew. I worked the band on the loom and as I worked I had to think of a way to finish this piece.  I adhered it to pigskin leather after I spliced 3 pieces on my sewing machine. I wanted and needed the piece to be able to be attached just for shows and not be a permanent sewn on piece since this was a working bridle.  I put snaps on the back, then was informed there was too much bulk behind the band. I then snipped large ‘V’s’ between the snaps to make the curve and ease it around the back, which, since I had been sewing for 40 years was surprised I hadn’t thought of that in advance!! LOL

The ‘V’s’ helped much, but I was told there was still too much bulk. Bianca’s Aunt was somehow able to fix it, but I have not heard how or what she did.

I have aspirations to do more of these, but will indeed have the brow band on hand for the next one and perhaps even have the horse handy, although not entirely necessary. I would like to make a more elaborate piece too! I have ideas!! LOL

This piece was finished last August, but I am just now getting a photo of it on his head. Next shot I hope is a closer photo, but this is the one I received.

Happy day!!

(Just a correction to make my daughter feel better. This is not my horse, it is hers. I have nothing to do with Fox.)

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3 thoughts on “Bianca’s Brow Band

  1. Hello, I love the brow band you have listed. I have a website that I make beaded jewelry My nephew is just starting out with his website I’ve included above. If you need any leather work done he has been working in tack for over 20 years. We are located in Ocala Florida (Horse Capital of the world).
    Your work is really unique and good luck. Maybe we could share some ideas. I am a friend of yours already on facebook.

    Theresa Fondren

  2. It looks beautiful on him!
    I was going to say what a gorgeous boy he was, but then I got to the part where you said he was an American Saddlebred. When I was much, much younger I used to ride and my very favorite hore, Bud, was a Saddlebred. Love those big guys!

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