Cruisin’ Right Along

Hi everyone! I have 2 new pieces to share tonight from this past week. Dave’s Mom had given me some coins when we visited Oklahoma this past late Summer and asked if I could bead around them. She thought it was a clever new idea for me, which it is!! So I finally had the time and a moment to do one for her. She loves it, now I can’t wait to send it to her! She, like my own Mom, loves my work. That makes me so happy!

It is just a simple piece, but that is her style and what she likes.

This next piece is a version of Nephthys in olive and rust and is for sale on my website. I am currently writing the instructions for it, so be looking in the next day or few days.  For details/purchase, go HERE.

I have to say, these are really fun to make, next one will be whites/creams. Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Right Along

  1. This is great. I was just looking around online last week for coin pendant holders. All I found were really expensive silver and gold. Encasing them in beads is a great idea. Would you mind if I used this concept? Your pendant looks great. I was thinking of starting to collect civil war tokens. Tie in a little history to the pieces.

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