Midnight Ice Storm

This piece was done for ArtBeads for a ‘Winter Enchantment’ theme. As brutal as an ice storm is, and I have been through my fair share in Maine, they are stunningly beautiful! I recall back to the Ice Storm of 1998 in Maine, when thousands were left without power for weeks on end! I was delivering a local newspaper at the time to businesses in Southern Maine. I had to pick up 40 miles from my home and then had 100 stops from Freeport to Biddeford. One night, not having received a call that there was no paper to deliver, I left to go to my pick up spot. It was dark and pitch blackness on my drive, power out everywhere. I picked up my weekend paper which freighted my car and got back on the highway to go to my first stop. I just got on the highway and my tire went flat. I had a brand new car and had never changed the tires on it before, so I dug out the flash light and manual and was at the back of my car figuring out what to do.  Several 18 wheelers passed me, which bothered me they wouldn’t help a ‘woman in distress’, especially in an ice storm, but oh well. Someone did finally stop and it was a very nice State Trooper, I threw down a newspaper for him to kneel on and he did the whole change for me. I’ll never forget that night! It was dim and gray and sparkling iridescence all over the place, since it was on I think day 4 of raining ice. In any case, this piece reminds me of that night.

Midnight Ice Storm

The most stunningly gorgeous Swarovski Fancy Octagon in Jet Metallic Silver is the bezeled focal for this piece. It has a mirror finish and is quite amazing! I bezeled the focal in Toho seed beads in a Frosted Trans-Rainbow Soft Gray and Purple Lined Blue. I had other plans for this piece with some of my Vintage components that are frosted and mirrored, but could quickly tell they were not going to play any part in this piece. I made a seed bead mix with the Toho’s listed above and beautiful Toho Frosted Transparent Crystal seed beads. I needed more colors, so I grabbed a bunch of my own stash and made a great big dish full of a mix. Everything from Toho, Miyuki and Czech all mixed together in shades of grays, iridescence, purples.

Then came the dilemma of what stitch am I going to do for the neck strap/rope. These beads are all different sizes, so herringbone, peyote, etc were out of the question. Ultimately, it came down to ‘freeform was the only way’! LOL

I used a beautiful Swarovski Round Button in hematite for the clasp and then lavished it with coraling fringe with lots of Swarovski Heliotrope Bicones in 3mm & 4mm and threw in some of my own in gray.

There you have it, my own Ice Storm, which I would much rather endure in beads than in weather  😉

For more images/details/purchase go the listing on my website.

Disclosure: I am a blogger for ‘Blogging For Beaders’ for Artbeads. I have received the following products free of charge for my personal review. I have not been paid for this endorsement to the linked materials, as listed above.




3 thoughts on “Midnight Ice Storm

  1. I know nothing about ice storms living in Florida but I do know spectacular and this piece is truly spectacular! You have such a gift.

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