Slave To The Grind

I just finished this today…thought I never would LOL My friend, Lynn Berry, had sent me the applique and a few other beauties, I have yet to work up. I have ordered more of them in different colors and plan on doing a series of them with the attached ring and some without. Lots of fun to do mixing media and I am happy with the end results 😉

For more details/purchase go to my website


4 thoughts on “Slave To The Grind

  1. Gorgeous. I love the ring attachment. very unique.. and the ring is very detailed. You should add rings to your sale items. I don’t think I have seen a bead embroidery ring before.

  2. I just finished my first cuff and looking for inspiration for another. Your color combinations are beautiful! Looking at gorgeous pieces such as yours really inspire me to bead on!

  3. I really love your designs and color combinations, especially Slave to the Grind and Midnite Ice Storm-I know that isn’t quite right……Anyway, Your have a terrific web site, and I’ll be back! Oh-and I really like the finger cuffs, too.
    Keep on bead’n. Sally

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