RMBS Bead Bazaar 2011

Good morning! Some of you know from Facebook that a weekend + ago, I went to the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bead Bazaar. Many people I knew from online were going to be there and I hadn’t met them anywhere yet. I was pretty excited to go! The Denver Merchandise Mart were it was held is not too far from me, so we actually went 3 times in 2 days. Here are the pics I got from there with those from online. I actually have one with Lisa Kan, but she made me promise I wouldn’t post it anywhere, so that is a drag! It is a good pic too! Not a fan of my shots, but who cares LOL I am with awesome peeps!

Left to right: Betcey Ventrella (Beyond Beadery), Me and Sherry Hernandez

Left to right: Hannah Rosner (Good River Gallery) and Me

Left to right: Me and Nikia Angel (Buy The Kit)

Left to right: Sherry Hernandez, Me and Jeanette Cook (Beady Eyed Woman)

It was a blast of a weekend after I had left and come back the 2nd time. It was so crowded and you couldn’t get near a table and it was stressing me out, so we decided to leave. Our pass allowed us in and out all weekend anyway and we were not far.

On our last visit, I still hadn’t run into Nikia. We finished up what we were doing and I was hell bent on finding and meeting her. I cashed out at the last booth I was in, spun around in the aisle to leave and there was this woman facing me and suddenly she says ‘Quill?’, I say ‘Nikia’? and indeed we were face to face LOL It was a funny moment! She had me paged even and I never heard it…buggers! So we went off to her classroom to chat.

Now here is where the plot thickens. We talked fast and furious and showed each other our work and were having so much fun, then Nikia asked me to help her with her booth in Milwaukee at Bead & Button. I wanted to talk to Dave a bit, but it didn’t really matter cause we had both decided this was an opportunity NOT to miss. How funny and ironic that I have always said I didn’t really care to go to the B&B show. My theory and visual make me think of ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ on sale at Walmart on Black Friday and sorry, I had no plans or desire to get trampled by bead seekers/followers/groupies in the doorway at B&B when the doors opened. So here I am…going to Milwaukee! Gotta say..I’M EXCITED!!!!! Thank you Nikia for the kind offer!! I will be in the Buy The Kit Booth (not sure what number that is). Oh and yeah, I will have some of my kits there for sale too!! Double woOt!!!

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