A little bit of freeform, a few beaded beads, a tad bit o stringing, a few bezeled cabs and don’t forget the fringe. This is my ArtBeads piece for this quarter, the theme is ‘What’s Old is New Again!’. I had recently purchased THE coolest Vintage brass stamping I had seen in quite a while, so that worked out perfect for this challenge. I believe it is a Gargoyle, but you can decide.

The other Vintage parts I used are the dangles on the fringe. I also used 4MM Crystal Picasso Matte Fire Polish, 3MM Dark Bronze Fire Polish, Turquoise Picasso Roundel Bead, Rust with Picasso Roundel Bead.

and the chunky turquoise pieces are from a necklace a friend of mine had torn apart, probably circa 1970’s with chunks of turquoise laced with puka shells. This piece will be laden with memory for me, as my friend has recently passed away and this was part of her bead collection that she sent to me a month before her passing.

The cabochons are Mountain Jade in the coral/coppery color and the brownish ones are Pietersite. The seed beads I used for this piece are: TOHO™ Bead Round 15/0 Gold Lustered Transparent Pink, TOHO™ Bead Round Hybrid 11/0 Antiqued Metallic Black, TOHO™ Bead Round 11/0 Gold-Lustered Rusty Orange, TOHO™ Bead Round 15/0 Dark Copper, TOHO™ Bead Round Hybrid 11/0 Matte Jet Apollo, TOHO™ Bead Round Hybrid 11/0 Natural Picasso.

From my own collection I used: Opaque Green Turquoise Picasso Fire Polished Czech Glass Bugle Beads, 10/0 Opaque Red Picasso Firepolished Czech Glass Seed Beads, 9/0 3 Cut Opaque Turquoise Picasso Firepolished Czech Glass Seed Beads, Czech Brown Iris Cube Seed Beads, and Copper Noodle Twists in the freeform sections.

For the Closure I used 2 Czech Glass Bead Opaline Picasso Button and made a double loop on one side and the 2 buttons on the other.

Here is the piece in its entirety.

Disclosure: I am a blogger for ‘Blogging For Beaders’ for Artbeads. I have received the following products free of charge for my personal review. I have not been paid for this endorsement to the linked materials, as listed above.

3 thoughts on “Overseer

  1. Stunning Piece!! I love how you used multi strands and then spaced with large beaded pieces. The earthtone colors really look great together and the long quill fringe really accents the piece nicely. You are an amazing artist.

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