Sooleawa-Bead Embroidered Hair Jewelry

Yesterday I spontaneously decided to make a barrette. I have been low for a long time on them, so time to make some more. Here is the finished piece. I named it ‘Sooleawa’, which is Native American Algonquin and it means ‘silver’.  The cab is Vintage, I ordered from Canada a few months ago (I snagged 3 of them LOL). This barrette is for nice thick long hair! The barrette is ‘Made In France’, is there any other kind? They are THE best (as a connoisseur of hair goodies I have known this for some 40 years). The length of the clip is 3 1/4″ and the fringe is 3 1/2″ long! I wasn’t going to add fringe, but I could NOT resist LOL


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