Bridging The Gaps et al

I am not sure where time is going, but it is flying like crazy! I feel like I just posted the other day, yet it has been over a week already! In any case, a few things to share. I have been beading like a crazy person, not sure why, but it is all good. Here is a new design, quite by accident. I was going somewhere completely different when this happened, but I accept the ‘morphing’ and move forward LOL Here is ‘Bridging the Gaps’ in 4 colorways. I will post them on my website for sale later today.

The PATTERN is for sale on my website, ArtFire or Etsy shops–ALL PayPal.

I have also made a pair of Gemstone cabochon earrings. The cabs are Mahogany Obsidian and Owyhee Jasper, they weigh 12 grams each and have sterling posts. They are very light!

and because I have been working up so many time consuming pieces lately, I thought I would do just a pendant for a change.

The rope is Vintage and It is super cool! That’s it for now. Back to work  😉


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