Gearing Up

Since my last post, I have published several things on my website for purchase.  All the ‘Bridging The Gaps’ bracelets, except for one I still need to photograph and the last pair of cabochon earrings, Owyhee Earrings.  I still have more to add, but progress is progress LOL

I have done up a few rings lately as well and rearranged my ‘Finger Cuffs’ page. Click on the image to take you to the web page.

and this next one, I have not listed yet.

These ones are woven with a peyote band and I have yet to put them on my website.

and the icing on the cake is…see that little ‘F’ in the upper left corner of this page? Click and add me to your Facebook page. After that, you are eligible for BOGO on my patterns!!

I am not sure if I have announced this on my blog or not, but I will be at Bead & Button at the  ‘Buy The Kit’ booth helping Nikia Angel for the duration of the show (and I will have a few of my kits and patterns at her booth!). I WILL have my trusty Nikon with me and hopefully will have enough time to take pics of everything I am sure I will want. I am not a fan of being on the ‘being photographed’ side, but I am going to suck it up, cause these are memories I want to keep and post everywhere hehehe So this is just fair warning that unless you object about being on the ‘wrong end’ of the lens then you may be posted somewhere when I get home. AND I may take more than one shot, so editing will be easier and one of 2 may be more flattering to all involved! IF anyone reads this that is going (and I do know a few of you that are), leave a comment so I can get a better idea of who all will be there.

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