Art. 1201 Cuff Pattern

Hi everyone! I have been back from Milwaukee for a week now. As much fun as I had..there’s just no place like home. I still have pics to post of people, but on my Facebook is a ‘Scenic Tour of Milwaukee’. I will put them on my website as soon as I can.

Today I put out a new tutorial. I had said in a previous post I wanted to do more with the Swarovski Art. 1201 crystals, so here is another to add to the collection. It can be a cuff or a pendant and will have either version available.  In celebration of being Home Sweet Home, I have posted this for a limited time with an Introductory price of $10.00 until Midnight this Sunday the 26th. Regular price will be $12.00 after that.

To see more images/Purchase go HERE

I have a few other things to do now. I have a ‘thing’ going soon with Mirrix Looms and I have a website to make for a friend of mine, etc etc LOL Have a wonderful day!

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