Summer Soiree

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted, but I have not gone anywhere, I am still around! Living in Maine meant nothing to do, so I poured myself into my business, eating, breathing and sleeping, beading and my small business, which paid off in ways I cannot explain.  Since I have moved to Colorado, I am finding out what life can really be. This has become my home, my livelihood and my joy. We are doing so much more here than in Maine, quite simply because there is more to do! I am not a total shut in anymore. I cannot say how much I love living here, I just wish I had done it long, long ago! My work has temporarily slowed down because I am busy enjoying life and summer here on the Flats and weekends in the Rocky Mountains, what’s not to love about the best of all worlds?!  😉

10,000 Ft, what a View!

As a result, I have also ‘retired’ from Bead Mavens and Artfire Beadweaver’s Guild Master. I just don’t have the time with my current lifestyle and beading too. I will truly miss being involved with each, but for me, it is better this way. I will still be in the Guild and enter challenges as I find the time.

Here is my newest piece of work. It is one of my peyote patterns. I did not have most of the colors the pattern required, so I pulled from what I do have and this is the result and also proof that you do not have to have specific colors that are listed, you can plan your own color scheme.  The colors I used are listed on the pattern as well as the original color legend.  Click the pic to go to my website to purchase the pattern.

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