Aemelia-Done by Others

Happy Friday everyone! Everyone is always excited for Friday to get here, but as I age, it seems like it is Friday nearly everyday.. it rolls around so fast! Don’t rush the clock!  😉

Today I want to share with you 2 terrific beaders who tested my Aemelia tutorial. They both did marvelous jobs and I am very grateful to them as well! Their color choices are fantastic as well! Thank you Ladies very much!

This one was done first and is by Darcy Horn, The Jade Dog Designs.Always love turquoise and browns together!

(Photo Courtesy of The Jade Dog Designs)

She did a slightly different ‘loop’ from my instructions. It looks great and also goes to show, patterns are just guidelines  and with a bit of expertise in the stitch, you can completely change things to your own specs.

This one is done by Kristen Stevens. Her classic colors are very elegant and bridal to me. She had an accident while making it and found out ‘fire polish crystals with Fireline going through a vacuum can create beautiful sparkly dust’ LOL  See her blog post HERE. This piece will be posted on my website real soon on the tutorial page.

(Photo Courtesy of Kristen Stevens)

I have 3 more ‘testers’ I am hoping will get a photo in, but in the meantime, I thank Kristen and Darcy for doing this for me! Thanks bunches!

I have goodies on my table to work up, things that are not my ‘norm’, whatever that is. I am also in a ‘finish things up and clear off my table’ mood, which is always helpful. Be ready for some surprises!



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