As of today, I would like to announce my ‘INCENTIVE PROGRAM’. I will be posting this on my website as well. What the Program entails is:

1) Buy a pattern.

2) Work it up and take a fabulous (CLEAR/FOCUSED/COLOR ACCURACY) photo of the finished piece.

3) Post on your blog & Facebook: photo, ‘critique’ and a link to my tutorial.

4)Email it to me: [SUBJECT-Name of tutorial/Incentive Program] and send me your link (website/blog) and link of your blog post about the tutorial.

5) If photo is approved, I will add it to my website (tutorial page), link it to you, post your ‘critique’ in quotes and send you a free pattern of your choice.

6)If you work up the freebie and send me a photo (same as rules above), I will send you another free pattern..and so on and so on.

**** This does not apply to already purchased patterns. This starts today Sept. 2, 2011. I will gladly always post your work with a great photo and a link to you on my website, this has been ongoing since I started designing. You will just not be eligible for the freebie for previous purchases.

Look forward to ‘working’ with some of you  😉

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6 thoughts on “INCENTIVE PROGRAM

  1. Oh this is so awesome! You already know I love this new idea of yours and will happily stitch any of your awesome designs! Now I just wish I could buy one of your awesome patterns!!!! Darn those college payments! LOL

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