Kodachrome Series

Since my last post, I have completed 2 new cuffs in my Kodachrome Series. I have at least 6 more to go at this point, maybe more.

Here is THE toughest color I have ever had to work with!It took me weeks of staring at it to finish  😉

This one is one of my favorites, as I am partial to pink.

I have these colors left to work up: verdigris, white, brown, frosted amethyst, ocean blue and I have to see what else I have left. If I don’t sell the 2 I have in the shop, a group photo will be lots of fun!

I have also made the 3rd of the original trio of my boxes. I have more to make and some goodies on the way in the mail to make a few REALLY cool boxes. I can’t wait to share those with you!

and the next image is 5 pairs of earrings I made for my daughter, she is in school learning how to cut hair and stuff.


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