Yesterday it came to my attention that a ‘friend’ of mine was selling kits and a tutorial of something I had done. Needless to say, I was not very happy. My GOOD friends backed me on this! She had emailed me a while ago, which I had forgotten about (thankfully I save emails), to inquire about the purchase of a certain supply I was using. I replied back that I didn’t want to divulge my source as everyone would find it soon enough and that I wanted to sell as many as I could..you know, try to make a living. She replied back ‘no problem- that her supplier carried them anyway’….not sure why she asked to start with. She also stated that she is overseas and ‘it wouldn’t affect me anyway’.ย  TO ME that implied, ‘she is going to make them anyway, whether I say ok or not’. Mrs Nice Girl that I am responded back with ‘I can’t stop you from copying me, if you are going to, at least don’t use the same name I did for the item (since I had heard someone had already been making them and calling them the same exact thing I did [also overseas]).

Now the item I am referring to is not a difficult thing at all, it is not rocket science, just bead embroidery. I expect people will make them. BUT at the same time, I am hanging on as long as possible and credit would sure be nice!! I expected she was going to make some to sell, so when I saw she make a tutorial and kit…I am sorry but that is crossing the line in a very large way!! No credit given and the promise not to post them on Facebook was also breached, which tells me this person is a two faced liar, not to mention a thief! I hope karma is in progress!

I feel I am very generous in letting people sell my finished designs after they purchase a pattern, make and sell all you want. Why did I do that? Because I don’t want to worry and follow unethical people around..I would rather be beading!

My quandary is: I don’t want to be mean and come across bitchy when people ask me something regarding a situation like above, but at the same time being tactful and pleasant seems to allow people to think I am a sucker and pushover and in turn do something like this.

A bit of irony here is that she make something from someone’s book for fun and gave that person credit, then published on Facebook 2 pics of my work she had copied and didn’t give me a bit of credit. Maybe it is because I am not a book author? That means I am not worth giving credit too?ย  (in her eyes).

Funny too, I have been asked to write a tutorial for these pieces, but have refused because I wanted to sell the finished items. So, next week, I will indeed write a tute for them and will be selling the kits, rightfully so!

**If you don’t know who it is, please don’t ask me, Mrs. Nice Girl is still busy being nice (don’t ask me why there either LOL)

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6 thoughts on “Quandary

  1. Oh I am so sorry for this. I know it makes it difficult for you and it is totally unfair. As you know I am a huge supporter of patten designers and hold them in the utmost respect and this stuff always gets me mad. What is totally worse on my side is that I can no longer feel comfortable to ask the questions I want to before purchasing a pattern because of these people. Nice or not wrong is just plain wrong!

  2. You need to name her.

    Selling your tutorial as her own is a direct copyright violation, and she probalby should be sued.
    Since that’s such an expensive prospect and some people have poor ethical standards, your only recourse is to name her name.

    Sorry someone did this to your beautiful work.

  3. Christina, your designs are much more beautiful. I’ve seen her ‘product’ and she lacked the skill to make the truly special pieces you have created with your line. You’ll always be first class and she’s just second-rate. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps she’s gotten the message with all your friends reminding her but if not, we who know you know that your pieces are true art and hers are just photocopies. <3<3<3


  4. Definitely crossing the line. I suspect she finds it a lot easier to give credit when she’s not planning to make money off of someone else’s design! I don’t think dishonest people just rip off nice people. They do it when they think they can get away with it. Maybe she thought the book was in too many libraries for her to get away with claiming that design as her own.

    Being pleasant and tactful is a good thing. It doesn’t mean protecting people from the consequences of their actions. I see nothing wrong with identifying her and pointing out your items that she’s selling the kits for. I imagine most beaders would rather not not buy anything from a person who would do that.


  5. so sorry someone has decided to do this to you ๐Ÿ™‚ your work is awesome :), I am rather new at selling my bead embroidery online , this really floors me , why would someone do such a thing?! Don’t they have any pride or do they just see dollar signs?

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