Illumination..and a few others

This past month has FLOWN by! I have indeed been beading, just slacking on the rest and the icing on this last month is that we are having to move, as many  of you know. As it stands this second, we are putting all of our things back in storage and going into a hotel until we find a place. This is of no fault of ours, the landlady wants to cover her entire mortgage, so she found a family to rent the house. In any case, I had to finish this last piece with quickness because there were many different beads on here! This is a collaboration with Kerry Collett of Celt Craft Designs. I have 2 more pieces to do for her, I may tackle another one today even 😉 Here is ‘Illumination’.

To see more images/details and more links to Kerry’s work, or to purchase, just go HERE.

I have also done something I have been wanting to do for many months now. I will be listing this on my website later today. I bought the spikes way earlier this year and finally have gotten around to using them!

I need to take more pics of this still as well, but you can look for it on my website later.

I have also made a few Finger Cuffs. The Indigo Scarab is SOLD

and ‘Spike’, I still need to list on my website.

Hoping everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! I am moving this weekend, but will be packing projects and my light tent to go to hotel with me, since I am unsure how long I will be there. Bumming too because my brand new desk and chair will be in storage! I will probably be working off a camping cooler..again!

be back soon!! We WILL have our comp with us where ever we land 😉


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