No Words

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the warm and generous people I am acquainted online with, Facebook to be exact. As most of you know, Dave and I were ‘displaced’ a month ago from the place we landed a year ago when we moved to Denver. Several miracles happened within this past month of chaos. First, was the night we had sucked up our pride and decided to go stay with a ‘friend of our landlady’ vs hotel room. We were all packed up and pulled into her yard and found out the room was way way too small for what we were bringing with us. We promptly decided to go get a 2nd storage unit. As we were putting my beading stuff into storage, we both broke down and cried our eyes out! Tired, worn, angry, stressed and full of despair, we just let the tears flow and bawled! After gathering ourselves, we went back to this lady’s house, with less stuff, only to find out she didn’t have internet at her house. I NEED internet for biz purposes. This put us in quite a quandary right in her driveway. Then Dave’s cell phone rang. It was our generous friend, Sherry, who insisted we come to her house to stay and bring our bed.  So we went. Sherry kept saying we weren’t homeless, but technically, we were 😉 We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with her and her incredible family! It was THE best Thanksgiving I Have had in a VERY long time!!! Thank you Sherry!!!

Second, was last week. We had found a place through a friend of a friend. The price was right and she knew of our new puppies and it was not a hindrance.  We were in battle with another person for the place and ended up ‘winning out’ for the length of lease we wanted. Phewwww that was close too! Dave had been told (by Coworkers) all along that his Boss would lend him the 1st and sec dep. That worked, because his Boss never works the crew 40 hour weeks (which is why Dave now has a 2nd job) and we couldn’t have begun to save 1600 in a month. So, Dave signed the lease and promised to have the money to her on the 1st. We had 24 hours after Dave’s Boss refused to lend it to us. So, here comes the emotional roller coaster, Up signing the lease, Down being refused the loan. I went outside and cried at that news. The hiccup crying, puffy eyes and runny nose. This could NOT be happening. Then I started wondering what on Earth kind of bad things have I done to have such bad luck, bad karma. I came in and typed my bad luck on my Facebook wall. Many of you had been following the saga and knew we had the place and were facing eviction before even moving in.  Having just been through a Foreclosure, being homeless again was not something I was looking forward to. I am not ashamed to say, I have been homeless about 4-5 times in my life. Living in my car in Walmart parking lots, living in a tent in a State Park/campground. Bad luck seems to follow me, but to many other extents I have good luck..finding my Dave for example, and my 4 incredible kids, and to all my VERY supportive friends, both real and virtual!!

My friend, Robynne, posted a ‘thing’ on her wall asking everyone if they could, to help us not be homeless for Christmas and posted a link to my dot com. I can’t begin to tell everyone the joy, never mind amazement, at the orders that started pouring in. Jewelry purchases, website work offer, pattern purchases and just plain cash sent and a loan from a very sweet friend from back East. Everyone was sharing Robynne’s plea and this quickly went around the world! I received orders from France, Germany, Israel, USA, etc. It was hard to send out many of these because my eyes were watering so bad.  Dave was speechless when I told him about the day and he is very thankful to you all and is still in awe, as am I!! We had raised it all within 4 hours of the pleas from my friends, on my behalf!!! Profound!!

Quite simply, there are no words to say, nothing I could do, that would be great enough for the outpouring of support, love, generosity and caring that you all showed me and Dave.

We are still in the thralls of moving things in, making everything fit and juggle puppies and of course, putting up the Christmas tree, it has been 5 years since our last one.  I will share photos as soon as things are finished. I can share puppy pics though, which I haven’t shared on here.  They were born a week before we moved out of our last place. They will be 6 weeks old this coming Saturday.

This is Chauncy, he is MY boy! Their Dad is a Husky/Border Collie mix and Mom (our dog Zippy) is a pure Australian Shepherd.

This is Stunt, he wasn’t terribly thrilled about the photo op. I had to hold him. We are keeping him as well. He is lovable and I think a tad shy,although he is the first to untie my shoelaces LOL

This pup is unnamed, so I call him Lil Man. He is moving soon to the Western Slope here in Colorado. He is super sweet and looks lots like his Dad, Diamond. Lil Man is a good boy! I will miss him!

This sweet girl is ‘Maui’. She is going to the Son of the Dad’s owner. I called her Lil Miss, then Missy, and am having trouble calling her Maui, as named by soon to be owner. Missy stuck LOL  She is the only girl and feistiest of all of them. She is also a Houdini! Have fun with that new owner 😉

I am very very anxious to get back to my routine. We are making our new place cozy and Christmas-y! I did make a few pieces of beadwork while I was at Sherry’s, I still need to set up the house and work more on my beading area.  I will share very soon though. Look for goodies next week! Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


10 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Aww, I’m so happy for you all! Somehow I missed all but the tail end of the drama where you’d received the help. What a wonderful way to share the holiday season!

    Love the pups, so adorable!!! ((hugs)) and Merry Christmas to you and to Dave!

  2. I am so very glad that things worked out for you. Bad luck may follow you, but you have a ton of people following you around beating that bad luck away with positive energy. I am so glad I was able to help a tiny bit. The virtual world is an amazing one! I thank God every day for the friends I have made online. Enjoy your new home and new puppies!

  3. I have followed some of your trail of misfortune on FB but missed the end of the drama when you received much needed help. Your story brought tears to my eyes at the hardships you have encountered and at the generosity of some people. Gives me some faith that all is not lost for this world after all. Best wishes for your new home – may you find contentment and happiness.

  4. Wishing you and yours luck love and happiness in the coming year. The saying “When one door closes another one opens” certainly applies here. Prayers were answered. Keep moving in a forward motion. Happy Beading!!

  5. I’m reading this post out loud to my husband and just can’t get through it without crying…I am sooooooo happy for you and glad you are able to have a nice Christmas in a home with all that you love. Life is a test, how we react is what builds character…As someone once said…”I get by with a little help from my friends” bad luck doesn’t follow those who chase it away…xxxooo take care.

  6. dear Christina,
    I am so sorry to hear what difficulties which you were passing through and so happy that it turns out better now….Cross my fingers for your future.
    I was very far from beading world for more than a year…Great problems too in our family, the worst was the generalized cancer of my sister and her loss in october. That’s life with its enjoyments and sorrows.
    Wish you a sweet and nice end of year.
    Your friend, Pat de verre from the French Riviera

    ps: puppies are so cute

  7. I’m so sorry that you have been going through this awful experience. I had no idea. Somehow FB just isn’t giving out the info on my friends that I want.
    I’m so happy to hear that you finally have a place and I wish you all the best. Have a very Merry Christmas/Holiday and a very prosperous, Happy New Year. Big warm hugs.

    You make the most beautiful jewelry and are so very talented!

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