500th Blog Post Party

Here it is-my 500th blog posting since the beginning of my blog, September 2007. To celebrate, I raise my glass to all of my friends, family, supporters, followers and fellow beaders. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Today’s celebrations include:

A new Beading Contest

A Giveaway

A Silent Auction

First of all, the new Beading Contest!!

Click on Banner to go to Rules on my Website

This contest is for all bead work entries to be submitted flaunting feathers! We are ‘birds of a feather’ and I want to see feathers incorporated into your work!

Next up is a GIVEAWAY! Shipped in time for Christmas!


Comment on this post with what you would like from Santa, but just KNOW you won’t get it.  Also hit the VOTE button for 5 stars at the top left of this post. All comments, pertaining to rules, will be put in the Random Number Generator on Friday (December 16th) at noon (CMT) and be shipped out to you that day!

Next is a Silent Auction for this item.

This is named ‘Cherry Pie’ made from my Mielikki pattern. It lengthens out to 22″ and has a Sterling Silver S-Hook clasp. This is one of a few pieces I did at Sherry’s house, during our homelessness 😉


Bidding starts at $20. USD

Email your bid to: christina@goodquillhunting.com

Email SUBJECT: Silent Auction Bid

Highest bid by Friday (December 16) at noon (CMT) WINS!

Prize shipped by end of Friday..in time for Christmas for self or gift.

I intended to also have a free pattern today, but couldn’t pull it off…blame the puppies LOL I WILL have a free pattern for you, most likely next week…wish I wasn’t human sometimes!

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12 thoughts on “500th Blog Post Party

  1. I would love for Santa to bring me a finger cuff, but I know he won’t, so after the first of the year I’ll be buying my own!

  2. Christmas with ALL the inmediate family together in one place. Hasn’t happened in 11 years.

    Here’s to another 500 posts! Merry Christmas

  3. I would love for Santa to leave me a camera that can take excellent macro photos for my jewelry pics. Not sure what the perfect camera is, but Santa will know best. 🙂

  4. I would also like an all expenses paid trip to the Bead & Button show. I haven’t had the opportunity to ever go, not even to one bead show. I never have the money, and my husband fails to see the importance for me.

  5. I would like a very selfish thing… I want a MIRRIX loom. I want the 12″ li’l Guy. I want to learn bead weaving and tapestry. I want to work with heddels and fiber. I will probably have to wait till I can afford it myself, sometime after Jan. 3rd, Social Security payday…
    Kinda selfish but, honest, it’s what I want.
    And also world peace, too…

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