New Work and New Tutorials

I really should post more often so I don’t slam you all with a pile of images all at once. LOL It’s not a total bad thing though is it? šŸ˜‰ I have continued to bead hard lately. I have lots on my plate, but it’s all good. I have so many ideas, so little time in a day. I want to do everything at warp speed that is in my head. I am feeling crazy inspiration, not that I ever lack for it, but it is a lot right now at once. Keep plugging away. The following is everything I have done since my last post. The following 2 images are Tutorials with the new TWIN BEADS!! They are lots of fun and present a new challenge.

Click Image for Details/Tutorial Purchase

Click Image for Details/Tutorial Purchase

The next few images are of tutorials I need to write up. I have the Tila Cuff and Barrettes tutorial partially done already, just have to finish it.

Click Image for Details/Purchase

These were made for a shop, as samples of ‘what could be done’. All 3 of these items will be as tutorials soon.

Click Image for Details/Purchase

and last, but not least, a new barrette. Barrettes have been on my list for a while because I am really low in stock. So this is my latest. I wish my hair was still long, because I will have trouble parting with this one LOL The good news though is that I can always make a similar one!

So this week I am working on tutorials and a graphic for a friend. Next week, I am MIA to complete a project I am entering into the Bead Dreams Contest. It is a doozy!!! I have great confidence in this piece and am also, and have been, dying to share it with everyone!

Hope everyone had a very romantic Valentine’s Day!


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