Winter Moon Fairy-Bead Dreams Submission

I can’t even begin to say what a sense of relief I feel right now!! The piece is finally finished and officially entered into the 2012 Bead Dreams competition. Phewwwwww! This was a piece short of blood (but close), sweat for sure (hurrying to the finish line) and no tears, but definitely swears LOL I am happier with the end result than the visual I had to start with. The feathers were a funny/scary situation at the end. I had purchased them AGES ago, stripped coque rooster feathers, 2 packs, white. As I was nearing the finish line, I decide to start gathering the stuff…think I can find them..oh hell no! Searched and searched with fine tooth comb, Dave even offered his eyes and had no luck. Go to Bass Pro Shop to substitute. He works nights and this was just this past Saturday and he was tired and they weren’t quite open yet. So we decide after he wakes we will go. I start looking around because I just KNOW Bass Pro Shop won’t have those fancy feathers. I FINALLY found a shop here in Denver that had feathers…one problem! Dave asked me to wake him at 3:30 in the afternoon. The shop I found closed at 3! Sadly, I am dependent on Dave to take me around. He has gone to sleep late that day and I waited until 1 to wake him. He didn’t respond well and I figured he would go back to sleep and forget even having spoken to me. 15 mins later, he comes out of the bedroom all ready to go. He said he ‘couldn’t live with himself’ if he didn’t accommodate me on this. This brought tears to my eyes and still does! He sacrificed HUGE for me that day!! Forever grateful! It was fate though, all of this little fiasco! The store is AMAZING! They had what I need to replace and even more! So the ‘feather part’ of this is even better than I had planned!! YAY!! YAY to Dave! and YAY to fate!!

I would like to give special THANKS to Kristen Hernandez for the beautiful photos and the patience she had (with a severe concussion even!) to have her face painted with an unorganized, inexperienced face painter (me) LOL

To see a PILE more images, just go to my website:

You can click on my images to enlarge them on my site.

So on the heels of this enormous endeavor, I go to work on my challenge piece for Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild, work on Bead Stalkers, my friend Sherry and I are doing this 😉 and then I have to get along on a huge freeform piece to enter into Fire Mt Gems Contest, but one mega task (bead Dreams) ..done!


11 thoughts on “Winter Moon Fairy-Bead Dreams Submission

  1. What a fantastic, awesome piece!!!

    I submitted my entries just last night. It really is a relief, isn’t it?

    Hey, have you heard of the British Bead Awards? They accept international submissions, and they have a seed bead category, I do believe. A friend said they don’t get nearly as many submissions as Bead Dreams!

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