I was offered a cool opportunity to bead with some beads that are new to the market. Naturally, I jumped at the chance! They are 6MM coin beads with 2 holes. It is kind of funny because the 2-hole bead has been around for some time. It seems that they were becoming obsolete a few years before they hit the market again and with a vengeance. I recall being intrigued with them and had bought some on ‘clearance’ because they were being discontinued. In our quests to make unusual and unique work and ‘get away from the norm’, they have done a come back..and how! Personally, I am thrilled because it offers me new challenges, new patterns and designs as well as all the other beaders out there.

The following is the design I came up with…so far. Right in the middle of a month long, taking me forever piece, I came up with this one. When the beads arrived, my mind starting swimming with possibilities. This is just one and I have others on the to-do list, but have to finish this ‘taking forever’ piece first.

There is only one set of the 6MM coin beads available right now. More colors of these are coming, next up bronze.  Bead Stalkers has the only set available at the moment. We have more of the Crystal AB (Shown) coming as well. You can get the tutorial for this on my website HERE.

Other matters: Rocky Mountain Bead Show is this weekend! Sherry and I are going this afternoon. Debating on the camera to lug around, but I think I will take it.  Going to charge battery! Bead show pics are a good thing!  😉

The monster piece I am working on is different than anything I have done. It has morphed into this dark and mysterious piece. I was going to name it ‘Caviar’, but have decided ‘The Collector’ works with it much better. April was a crazy month and my Sister visited for a week, as you know. I have never had so many beading interruptions in my life and it feels like they are not dissipating either. My phone rings off the wall, my dogs need to go out or come in within minutes, cleaning the house, running errands, visiting with friends or family, working on Bead Stalkers…etc etc. I think I will take my phone off the hook for a few days this coming week LOL

Last week I met up with Claudia and Elena from Mirrix Looms. They were in town for a few days working with Craftsy doing a video. They took us out to dinner and we had so much fun! They are such wonderful Ladies! Down to earth and cheerful and of course, inspirational. Their auras ooze inspiration  😉 Oh and did I say, they put me on their website as an Official Mirrix Loom teacher! Now how exciting is that?!

Next blog post..Bead show photos ..yipppeee!


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