The Collector

After several months, I have finally finished this piece. I have never done a piece with so many interruptions..ever! I almost dreaded sitting down with it each day because I knew I would have to put it down. I also had many many stuck moments on it, I spent far more time pondering it then working on it!  This was a massive undertaking and worked together like a puzzle, which I am not every good at LOL Alas, it is finished and I am very happy with its outcome. This was all brewed from a challenge on working with the Miyuki Long Magatamas. The focal ceramic piece is done by

Lisa Peter’s Art.

To see details/close up images just go to my website.

and so begins ‘The Battle of the Beadsmith’ I had decided what colors to use some time back and have come up with a somewhat design now. This is all on the ‘QT’, so all I can do it drop hints until July 10th! That is going to be super difficult! I am going against Christine Boyer Maj for the first round. Yikes!


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