Club Mace Hair Sticks, Pendant, Components

Hi everyone! I have been away for a while..again. So much has happened since my last post! I would like to thank all my bead friends on Facebook, and any overlaps, for assisting me in getting my daughter, Sonja, out of harms way back in Maine. She is thriving in Denver and loves it here..what’s not to love 😉 Thank you ALL!!

I have developed a new goody I am very happy with. I named them ‘Club Mace’. Dave thought they looked like a ‘mace’ from Medieval Days, which was a spiked club. So I decided to call them ‘Club Mace’, but they were really called a ‘Mace Club’.

Here is an image of my first batch:

Here is a second batch and I was able to add a rivoli to the tip@ I was pretty excited about that. I had tried to once, but I couldn’t make it work. After thinking about it for several days, it came right to me and I didn’t have to rip out a thing!

Then I thought they would make cool earrings, which turned out to be a pendant, but can still be earrings, I just haven’t gotten that far yet.

Then I wondered if a bracelet would be cool. It is different, but I like it 😉

and in the midst of that, I made a barrette. Our internet was shut off for two tortuous weeks! Robynne watched my  email for me so I wouldn’t lose any business. I made her a ‘thank you’ barrette.

This barrette is my ‘Tila Cuff and Barrette‘ Pattern, but with fringe!

So for now I am off to make a few more hairs sticks with rivolis, then a new color version of ‘Fission‘ in bronze and blue iris!!  I am hoping by Wednesday I will be back on my Battle of the Beadsmith piece and I will be MIA..again LOL

I have been asked to make a tutorial for the ‘Club Mace’ pieces, which I will, I am just not certain when. I will have the hair sticks  listed on my website soon. They are $20 each. The rivoli ones will be $25.  These are great to utilize those awesome Czech spikes, in 2 sizes for now. I have to try one with the 12x18MM size, which I don’t foresee a problem with. If you are looking for the Czech Spikes, I believe we, Bead Stalkers, have the biggest and best selection.


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