Trinity Earrings Tutorial

I am officially done my Battle of the Beadsmith piece as of last night. Actually, I didn’t have a choice but to be done because that was the deadline LOL I really wish I could share my piece! That is about enough to drive a person crazy and a good reason why I don’t submit things for publication…I can’t wait that long!  😉

I have a new earring design I made last week. I love the simplicity and the design. I have 2 more designs to format for publication that I will do this week. In the meantime, here is the image for the tutorial and a link. Below that are 2 awesome customers work. Here is the link for details/purchase for the Trinity Earrings Pattern.

The next 2 beautiful versions are done up by Alicia Hartley.

and this is a cool modification of my pattern by Valerie Clifton/Artisan Originals.

This week will be for 2 custom orders for a great barrette customer and hopefully 2 other earrings patterns! I have also been contacted by my awesome Mirrix Ladies for something about a ‘weave-along’…stay tuned 😉


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