Battle of the Beadsmith

Yesterday started the ‘Battle of the Beadsmith’ competition. Almost 1/2 of the entries were far. If you would like to see some AMAZING works, worldwide, pop over to the Facebook Group. It is awe inspiring and jaw dropping!!

I finished my piece at the very last second and sent my images in 3 minutes late ..that’s how late I was 😉 Here is my piece called ‘Wango Tango’ after the famed song by Ted Nugent. I t just seemed so appropriate LOL  I still have to get this listed on my website.

Ironically, while I was working on this, my best barrette customer asked me to make her a barrette in orange and yellow! What are the chances of someone asking for orange while I have it in my hand!?! So I made her a barrette which is almost identical to the center focal on my Battle piece.

So stay tuned for more entries if you are following on Facebook!

and a reminder about my own contest “Birds of a Feather

Click on Banner to go to Rules on my Website


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