Hair Forks/Fission/Pinecone Earrings/Czech Gumdrops

I have been totally MIA on my blog! With that being said, I think this is my grand slam of entries. Funny too, since I feel like I have accomplished nothing since my last post a month ago. I guess I am fooling myself LOL reading this entry I see that indeed I have done many things…yay!!  I have more to share, but need images, so this shall suffice for now.

I finally received my blank hair forks. I was beginning to think I just lost money on that deal, but they arrived. Phewww!

I got right to work and made 3 of them. I had 20 blanks, so a few left to do up. I need to find long hair ladies..they are becoming obsolete I think LOL Can’t wait until mine grows back.

Here are the first 3 forks I have made.

These are available on my website HERE

Here is a custom order of Club Mace Hair Sticks I did just after the forks.

She loved the hair sticks! That is always a relief!

I have also recently made another ‘Fission’ piece in bronze and blue, a more every day color combo!

You can get the pattern HERE.

I have also made another pattern since my last post. This one was a challenge to work up with Super Duos. They cannot be done with Twin beads, unfortunately.

Then I was hired to make 12 pairs of these. Thankfully, they whip up pretty fast. I was kind of tired of making them by the last pair LOL

My customer was very happy to get them 😉 Pattern HERE

Meanwhile, the Czech Gumdrops came in. This is still a work in progress, hopefully get back tot his project this week.

I have also made a 6 round with this same design. I look forward to finishing it so I can write up a tutorial.

Also, in playing with Super Duos I designed this:

I made some really cool earrings with this design, one fringed, one not fringe. I have yet to take photos of them though. So another tutorial on the horizon LOL

In the meantime, I made another barrette for a customer. She wanted ‘all white, with “confetti” ‘ I think I succeeded in that. She loves it! That was, I think her 5th barrette from me. I have lost count 😉

My daughter has been bugging me for more quill earrings. So I made her one pair and have another to send (not photo graphed yet). This is the pair she has received so far.

I made her a purple pair, then figured while I had the purple out, I would make a pair for my shop. So these are for sale HERE

and last, but not least, I made a new Finger Cuff yesterday with a Czech Spike, in blue iris. This is the 2nd spike ring I have made. I made one last year with a metal spike and it didn’t go over so well. A spike ring is going to be in Bead and Button next issue and it is cute and I am sure everyone will make one. Personally, I would So wear one of these!

For sale HERE

Meanwhile, back to Birds of a Feather contest central, do stop by my website to see the 1st entry to the contest. Done up by Cath Thomas, it is beautiful and fun!! Do you have your entry going yet??


4 thoughts on “Hair Forks/Fission/Pinecone Earrings/Czech Gumdrops

  1. Holy cow, a Grand Slam indeed! I love those pinecone earrings. If I may ask, where did you get your SuperDuos? I’ve been having the same problem with twin beads not always working in a project initially designed with SuperDuos, but I’m having trouble finding a consistent source for them.

    Love the beaded beads too – your color choices are exquisite!

  2. Your design with the Gum Drop Beads is absolutely beautiful, even though you say it’s still a work in progress – would love to see the tutorial for it. 🙂

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