Silver and Gold

I have recently finished some ‘binge beading’ all in Silver and Gold. I have had several pieces sitting beside me for a long time, one of the projects had been waiting for 2 years!! I figured I would do the 3 pieces at once since I had all the appropriate colors already on the table. The first 2 pieces are using Elegant Elements clasps from The Beadsmith. I think the clasps were the perfect addition to both of them. I rarely use clasps that are pre-made, but thoroughly enjoyed not having to make any 😉 The coin piece is for Dave’s Mom. That is the project that has been patiently waiting for 2 years. She likes things simple, so I kept it simple. I have yet to get them posted for sale anywhere, but will this week.

Since my last post, I started another blog to thank all the other bead artists who have done so much for me. It is just a Gallery of images with a link to their selling spots. I love the format! Click to go to the blog: Bead Artist Gallery and don’t forget to give it some love ❤

A gentle reminder that my Birds of a Feather contest is nearing its end. There is one month left to submit your entries. I have a plan for the next one already, so keep your eyes open for that one!

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