October Fest

Fall in Maine 2009

So, here is October, my favorite month of the year! The weather has cooled down (actually way too fast and hard!) and we have even had some flurries! A tad too early, but good for droughts! Halloween is coming soon and that is one of my favorite celebrations! It is also the month of my birthday. I will be celebrating on 10/11/12 and will be 50. I am seriously thinking because of the number line up that it should be lottery ticket day as well LOL It is also a ‘money bags’ month with 5 Fridays this year! woot! I will be having a 25% off on my website! I was going to do 13%, but many consider that an unlucky number..and honestly, that isn’t much of a sale! πŸ™‚ Up until the 11th, I will be updating my website. Yeah, call me a slacker! I have many many pieces that are NOT on the site, so to have a good sale, I should list everything or as much as possible until then.

I have several things done as of the last few days. The first image is 6 Tila Accordion bracelets heading for the East Coast. The second image is a custom barrette for my best barrette customer…this is her sixth one!

I had said on Facebook that the Tila Accordions bracelets felt like I was in an endurance race. It was a test of my will power to complete 6 of these in a row. They took me about a week and a half to do up. So happy to have so many done at once…makes for a great photo πŸ™‚ Pattern HERE

Now I am free to do a few other projects..that’s a good thing because I have a project I am really liking on the table and several others lined up I can’t wait to get to!

I have a few new entries to post today for the Birds of a Feather contest. They are fabulous! Deadline to enter->October 31!!

Click on Banner to go to Rules on my Website

and the icing on the cake over the last few days..and a miracle to boot! I was chosen as one of 4 winners this month with Preciosa for my blog entry. I will be receiving a 1000 grams of beads from them. I was over the moon for an entire day before the realization sat quietly! I am so excited and happy!! I will post a photo of my winnings when they are received..and how cool would that be if they landed in my mailbox on my birthday. I doubt it, but one can hope!

Click THEIR image to go to their website

The image just LOOKS like icing on a birthday cake doesn’t it?? LOL So, I’ll be back Wednesday to tell you more about the sale on my website and ohhhh, almost forgot a giveaway!! Stay tuned for details!


4 thoughts on “October Fest

  1. Congratulations on the Preciosa haul, and I love your barrette and bracelets. My husband’s birthday ia 10/11 too, so thanks for pointing out the cosmic date–I hadn’t realized!

  2. Happy (early) birthday! My husband’s is the day before yours and my amazing and wonderful granddaughter is the 13th. You’re in good company! I love that number line up for your birthday, too. I love the Tila bracelets and thank you for making the pattern available (I’ve already bought it!). Congratulations on the Preciosa win! Score! I can’t wait to see the pictures of 1000 grams of beads. Oooh!

  3. Wow, I love that black barrette! I can see why she’s bought six of them from you.

    Congrats on winning all those sparkly beads! I’m trying not to drool all over my keyboard as I type — I can’t wait to see what you do with them. πŸ™‚

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