Dark Crystal

So this is the latest finished piece I have done. I have ordered 20 more of the cabs because I plan on making a kit and tutorial for it, different color schemes of course. I will be having this in a gold version to order as well.

I also plan on this in other color schemes besides black/silver or black/gold. You shall see soon. This is for sale as is if you want details go to my website HERE.

The last few days, I offered to take over the blog for the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild, so I have been busy this week doing that. You all should go check it out and Follow it 🙂  The blog for the Guild was on Blogger, we just today did the final switch, so there is only one post on there at the moment. An artist  interview..fabulous work!

I have a mega piece in the works. If you aren’t my friend on Facebook, then you won’t get a preview. I have to wait for a component in the mail and then I can move forward. I am pretty excited about this piece.

Got these fabulous goodies in the mail today. I think I am going to start taking photos of my deliveries, fun to share and easier to keep track. I can hear me now “I bought that back in 1892 and still haven’t used it..isn’t it still so pretty?!” LOL

I am still waiting for my prize from Preciosa. It is agonizing to wait this long! Only mail and customs to blame. I have been feeling passive/patient-agressive/impatient about the wait. 2 1/2 weeks under my belt! LOL  Will keep you all posted..trust me 🙂


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