Dark Crystal Kit

Hi everyone! I hope the Holiday Season is treating everyone well! No snow here yet, seems we had ours in October, but then it warmed up and any snow is long gone. I think we are supposed to have some this weekend coming up. That would sure put a seasonal feel on 🙂

I have the Dark Crystal Kit up and listed on my website. $40.00 and all you need is a needle, or two and some E6000. The base is black leather, not Ultrasuede, back and front. For details go here: DARK CRYSTAL KIT

Dark Crystal Kit

Dark Crystal Kit

Still time to get and assemble for Christmas, or give your beader friend a DIY gift!

Other goodies. I had my plate basically empty and somehow it has filled up to the point of wishing I had a twin LOL Tomorrow, I have to whip up a couple Tila barrettes and ship out right away. Then I have to finish a pendant similar to the cuff above, in an attempt to clean my table off. Then I have a custom barrette for my ‘barrette lady’. Then I have to make my youngest daughter a barrette. I have on my table a new bead embroidery barrette and 2 styles of a cuff for a new tutorial. Then I have to write up 2 tutorials for January for publication next year 😉 and I know I am forgetting things, but that is the bulk of it. Of course, with all the to-do’s comes extra inspiration I can’t get to for a bit. Murphy’s Law!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a new tutorial (I am pretty sure tomorrow). Have a great night! Anyone who orders the Kit above, all will be shipped on Saturday!

Still having sales on my Etsy pages.

Finished jewelry 50% until this Sunday midnight. Coupon Code: CYBER50 –>Then  down to 25%

Patterns 50% off until Dec 8th, midnight. Coupon Code: TURKEYDAY


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