Holiday Beading

Hi everyone! I have been right out straight and accomplishing lots since my last post.

I have done up the Dark Crystal Kit with a second version available on the pattern.

Dark Crystal Cuff

I have made some really cool earrings, called my ‘Shabby Chic‘ line.

Shabby Chic Earrings

Shabby Chic-Pink

and as of yesterday I have a new tutorial, called ‘Clover

Clover Group Pic

Clover Display

Clover 2

In all my tutorials, I have never received the feedback like I received over this one. Thank you all so much! This one works up fairly quickly and is almost addictive. It makes you want to do many in different color schemes. I even thought I would try it as a 2 tone version, which was also much fun to assemble!

Clover Bracelet

So that is what I have been up to. Crazy busy! Ever since my friend, Robynne, gave me her laptop for my birthday, I have been feeling much more productive! We actually moved the big computer to my beading desk and Dave uses the laptop. The big computer has all my work stuff on it, with the external hard drive and the printer and all the goodies and Dave enjoys sitting on the couch with the lap top and playing his games, so this worked out beautifully! Thanks again Robynne!

My ‘plate’ is actually still very full right now. I have secret new beads I am ‘playing with’ right now, to remain a secret for a bit longer, but as soon as they come out, I will have tutorials for them. I still have to make a few beaded pieces for my youngest daughter, Bianca (12), for Christmas and ship off. Then I have 4 hair sticks to make, a custom barrette, a pendant and earrings to match a cuff I sold last month, 2 tutorials for a beading mag publication for next year. I also had a big surprise a week back! I, on a whim, decided to enter the Beadwork Magazine challenge. Someone had posted it on the wall on Facebook, so I thought what the heck. I have never entered, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Lo and behold, they chose me!! Me and only one other person! I received the kit the very next day and have until Feb 6th to do that up. I also have the Steampunk theme to do up for the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild, due end of January.  I think I will also be getting more work from my ‘secret source’.

So, it has been a bit crazy at my house. I have everyone else doing everything because I am so busy. I even had to pass the buck to my other daughter to decorate the Christmas tree. I have been literally at my desk hard and fast for 14-18 hours a day working on frenzy mode. Don’t get me wrong, I love this!! I DO love not having to do the dishes at all right now 😉

You will also notice slight changes in the website as I go. Having to rearrange things a bit because it is getting ‘full’ LOL Yesterday, I went to post ‘Clover’ and there was NO room to add it. So I had to rearrange my patterns page and spread out, so to speak. Hopefully also making it easier for my customers as well.

I am still having my 25% off sale on my Etsy page too! Still time for shipping in the USA!!

25% Off until January 1, 2013 with Coupon Code: HOLIDAY2012

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun Holiday season!


One thought on “Holiday Beading

  1. Chris…your productivity is appaling!! I guess becasue you are maybe the main breadwinner you can pass off those normal “mom” chores. I wish that were the case here…it seems like everything else comes before my beading! Of course, here, it is still considered Mom;s hobby and source of personal jewelry for my kids!! I am
    1. handling all of the paperwork to refinance my house so I can do some upgrades
    2. Hand painitng and beading clothes for the wooden doll nativity set my daughter ordered (what I said was “I’ll help you” SHe hasn’t shown up to help me!
    3 doing the usual shopping and wrapping
    4 Finsihing laying a new floor of FLOR carpet tiles in my kitchen because my “other” pooped out and left town!
    6. Yes, really!!
    7. WOke up this AM and looked through my earring file to find something nice to make for each daughter for stocking stffer and got so nervous, I knew that was pushing it!! I am a really slow beader, mostly becasue I am fairly new but also, becasue I am slow at everything!
    8. Just keep up the good work and have a merry Xmas..PS I think I shall make the Cocoon earrings for them both!

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