Butterfly Effect

So here we are in the new year!! Yippee!! I always like a new year, it is like a new apartment or home and you have a blank slate to work with. Hopefully over the course of the year things go smoothly and the bumps are few. I definitely go in on a positive and work real hard to make it end the same way. I hope you all can avoid ‘bumps’ this year!

On a beading note, or two, I have been busy trying to clean my ‘plate’ off and meet a few deadlines. Hopefully the deadlines will bring results throughout the year. In getting a couple of colors of Rizo beads, I was put to the challenge to work up some designs with them. Those who have worked with them already have used them in a sculptural format, that I have seen so far. I didn’t have quite enough time to achieve that..yet, so I used them as fringe beads. Here are the results.

Burgundy-Gold Luster


Butterfly Effect Set-Wine Country

While I was waiting for more pearls to be delivered, I made the earring pattern. I did not include the Rizo beads on the bottom for the pattern, although, if you buy the pattern you will see they won’t be hard to add on. Here is my new pattern called ‘Butterfly Effect’. Dave asked me why the name ‘Butterfly Effect’, which took me a while to come up with, but it made sense to me. I was given beads, I made a design, the design in the area of the Super Duos used, remind me of a butterfly, customers will buy the pattern, and on and on it goes. I, honestly, have been very addicted to making the earrings, without the Rizo beads. I had purchased a seed bead mix over a year ago from WhimBeads. The photo above used their ‘Wine Country’ seed bead mix. They look awesome with the mixes!!!! I have yet to write up the necklace, maybe in March.

Fandangle BE Earrings

Hot Copper Nights BE Earrings

Opaque Red-Gold Gild BE Earrings

Apollo BE Earrings

Green Turquoise BE Earrings

Hot Pink BE Earrings

Jet Picasso BE Earrings

To purchase the pattern go HERE. To purchase finished earrings, go HERE. I still have a few to list on my website, but you can definitely see how addicted I got LOL


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