Going Green LIVE Online Beading Classes

This has been a dream for about 5 years to be able to hold LIVE beading classes online! I am fully capable now and did a test run last weekend.

You can see the RULES HERE and the CLASSES HERE

I still have to schedule time in for most of the classes still, but the first class up is this:

Fandangle BE Earrings

I plan on having kits available to purchase before class down the road, not too far though.

I will also hold private classes, just drop me an email and we can discuss. christina@goodquillhunting.com

The ultra cool part is: saving gas for the car to get to a class, you can order supplies online and save gas 2x that way, you don’t have to leave your dogs alone, you can bead in your pajamas!! and have all the snacks you want right next to you 😉

I have been super busy getting ready for some publication in magazines this year. Almost all the work I have done this year won’t be seen until June. I will be in Bead Design Studio and Beadwork in the June issues. Then in August and October for Bead Design Studio. YAY! VERY excited about that!

I will also be making an ‘appearance’ at many trade shows here and abroad. The Beadsmith has made a pop up display with my ‘Clover’ necklace. When you see the banner below, I am there in spirit 🙂

The Beadsmith Pop Up Display

and the same piece was put in a UK Beading Magazine ad for The Beadsmith

UK Bead Magazine Ad

To purchase this pattern, go HERE

I just updated the Contests page here, so go check it out for 2013 beading contests!


7 thoughts on “Going Green LIVE Online Beading Classes

  1. Chris: I wish you tons of luck on your new classes. How fun for you! Glad you got that pesky rent/house pmt made this month, too! I had a question about the earrings in the picture of your clover necklaces…there are many beautiful Picasso style beads and super duos used, also metallic. May I ask where you purchased them? I have not even looked for Super Duos as yet, but love the fire-polished Picasso finish on everything!!



    • Hi Pam!! We haven’t got rent paid, no. Have none of it, still looking for help. I purchase my beads all over the place, often in person and a lot online too. There are great vendors out there! theholebeadshoppe.and whimbeads to name a few that carry Toho hybrids 🙂

    • Pam, I’ve seen lots of Picasso & other cool finish czech beads at Aura Beads, Beadaholique & Shipwreck beads, also Bello Modo. Can you tell I spend too much time drooling over online beads?


  2. awesome idea since I live in Florida! Please keep me apprised of your classes going forward. I had back surgery 1 1/2 weeks ago so beading is not yet on my list of activities. You know sleep, eat, take pills, repeat. I will need distractions in the coming months of healing and a class sounds fun.

  3. Christina, I think this is a great idea!

    I have two questions. Will you make a bead list available so that we may see if we have the supplies before purchasing a class? And will you object to students selling the pieces they make from your class?

    Liz Hart aka KipperCat

      • Thanks, Christina. Even though I rarely sell my makes, it is an important consideration for me. My question about bead lists was more about choosing between classes, than preparing for a class. It would be nice to see something like this. (from Victoria tutorial)

        This is done up with a variety of beads,
        including long magatamas, 1.8 Miyuki cube
        beads, 6MM Fire Polish crystals and Twin
        Beads (Super Duos would be fine as well)

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