Fish Leather & New Work

Hi everyone! Been a little bit since my last post! I am working harder than ever, but sadly I have some work I cannot share with you because they will be in publications this coming year. I have done other things and can’t bead fast enough LOL

Ice Bracelet-Metallic

A totally metallic version of my ‘Ice Bracelet‘  for sale on my Etsy page


I had this piece sitting around for a bit and never posted it anywhere. I decided to rip the edging out and redo it, it sold immediately. Gorgeous labradorite!


Finally finished this pendant I did last December. Very happy to have it done! Listed in my Etsy shop

and one last piece


also for sale in my Etsy shop

Dave and I have decided to sell FISH LEATHER! Just got in in today and it is for sale on my ARTFIRE page




It is beautiful leather!! If you go to my ARTFIRE page and look at a listing, there are fish leather faq/details in the listing.

My home smelled like a new leather jacket today when I opened the package.LOL  There are basically 2 types: glazed and suede, mine is suede. I am hoping to carry glazed soon as well. Can’t wait to do some work with it!!

Be back sooner than this last time. I do have a bunch of stuff on my table in progress 🙂


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