Change is GREAT

To all my awesome friends, family and followers!

I do want to elaborate, that as scary and difficult as change can be, often it is all for the better! I was scared to death to make this switch. I was committing to more money out every month, having to switch stuff like DNS settings and playing geek into parts unknown and I had a certain comfort going on with what I have known for the last 8 years.  As for the money, it is an illusion. By the time you buy programs, pay Etsy, Artfire, You Send It, or whatever else you need to make yourself successful, you may as well spend the money for a ‘grouping’. Of course you have to shop around for what would work best for you: financially, features, etc.

I have just switched my website. I will still have my regular dot com, it will be visible through the dot com, hopefully tomorrow.  In the meantime, you can see the new website here and it is fully functioning.

This is a full ecommerce website. The shopping cart is through STRIPE. I will have to get used to a weekly paycheck, but is that such a bad thing, getting it in bulk instead of trickles? LOL

Icing on the cake: you can now download patterns you order instantly. When you have paid and checked out, you will get an ‘Order Confirmation’. The link to the download will be right there! Now how cool is that??!! You will no longer have to sit patiently by the computer in anticipation 🙂

The benefits about making the switch are enormous on my end. The ease to use and list and item is amazing. I adore the format I chose. I think for you, everything works smoother. This saves me so much work it isn’t funny. More time for creating this way! The only thing I lose doing this is a bit of my personality shining through on a laborious website. Maybe I will over compensate it back into my work now LOL

Please know, I am listing as fast as I can. I had oodles of content on my other website and I will have probably 95%, if not ALL, back onto this one.

My fish leather and any other supplies I decide to carry will also be on the site. I will no longer be using ArtFire. I will be keeping my Etsy pages however.

I hope you will enjoy your shopping experience even more on the new website:

Keep looking for same site, just way better! It will be here any day now.

Oh, and I do have a blog built into my new site. This one will remain going the same as it has since Sept 2007!


One thought on “Change is GREAT

  1. When I went to leave a comment, I got malware going off and it said threat detected. Not sure what that is about.

    For my message I wanted to ask you what changes you made. If you said it in the last message, just let me know and I’ll look it up. Thanks so much for the look at your new website, it’s great!

    Fearless Fiberworks

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